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The Three Amigos

An online exhibition of black and white photographs of the 1950s and 1960s by Vinoo Bhagat, Kishan S. Rana and Deb Mukharji

The exhibition will be on view from 4th to 18th May 2020

The Three Amigos
Vinoo Bhagat, Kishan S. Rana and Deb Mukharji met as under-graduates at St Stephen’s College, Delhi (Classes of 1957 & 1961). As keen amateurs, handicapped with limited resources but driven by a shared passion, in days of no hobby instruction, they learnt from one another, capturing their world in black-and-white images. They beavered away in the Photo Society darkroom, often in sweltering heat (no air-conditioning in colleges!), improvising with basic equipment. 

Each pursued his vision. Vinoo and Deb, avid trekkers, wandered widely in the Himalayan mountains and meadows, unspoilt as they then were. Further, Vinoo, Kishan and Deb traipsed through the streets of Old and New Delhi, searching for the photogenic. Some captured images are of documentary value. Historic events and personalities also feature in their eclectic collections.  And the photos reflect the exuberance of teenage amateurs. 

About the photographers