Kishan S. Rana

MA economics, St Stephen’s College, Delhi. Indian Foreign Service (1960-95); Ambassador/High Commissioner: Algeria, Czechoslovakia, Kenya, Mauritius, & Germany. Emeritus Fellow, Institute of Chinese Studies, Delhi; Professor Emeritus, DiploFoundation; Archives By-Fellow, Churchill College, Cambridge. Authored and edited eleven books on diplomatic studies; 150 articles in journals and newspaper columns.

Began photography while at school, with an Agfa folding camera; his father gifted a Rolleicord twin-lens reflex camera in 1954, which remained with him till 1961, when he left for Hong Kong as a Chinese language IFS probationer; he then bought a first Cannon 35 mm camera with interchangeable lenses, and shifted to colour film slide photography. A collection of China slides (Beijing, 1963-65 and 1970-72), awaits, to be scanned with modern technology. Photo exhibitions held: Berlin, June 1995; IIC, New Delhi, 2003. Frontline magazine carried three of his photo essays in in 1995-98.

The black & white photos in this collection are all based on original negatives from 1954-59, scanned in 2020 with an Epson V600 photo scanner, producing large file images (1 to 4 MB range), then processed with Adobe Photoshop by my son Ajit. The images in the virtual exhibition are in the range of 400 to 700 kb file sizes; the large file images (1 to 8 MB) are available with the photographer. The images are available for sale.


All photographs in this collection were taken with a Rolleicord twin-lens reflex camera