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Malaysian Fusion Music
Sunday, 4th November 2012 at 6:30 pm
Malaysian Fusion Music
Presented by Naad Pravaham, Temple of Fine Arts Malaysia
With Jyotsna Prakash (piano/composer); Prakash Kandasamy (tabla, voice percussion); Kalpana Paranjothy (sitar); Pangasaasanii Gowrisan (Carnatic violin); Jazlan Norman (bass guitar); and Sharizan Sahamat (djembe/percussion)
Manager & sound engineer: Jeyaraj Ramanathan
(Collaboration: Indian Council for Cultural Relations)
Venue: Rose Garden
Naad Pravaham
Naad Pravaham is a group of musicians comprising of graduates and performers of The Temple of Fine Arts International, Malaysia. Naad Pravahamhas been presenting an eclectic mix of Carnatic, Hindustani and Western insturmentalists whose style of music is beautiful mélange of all these three genres.
Jyotsna Prakash – Composer/Piano
Jyotsna started her musical journey on the piano at the age of 8 years under the tutelage of Ann Nicholas and also took up Carnatic vocals under the guidance of Vijayalakshmi Kulaveerasingam. This combination of genres and her innate musicality and creativity has helped her in composition and performance technique, blending the best of Indian raga system and the piano. Jyotsna composed the score for the dance drama, The Butterfly Lovers, andthe musical score for Mahsuri. As a composer and senior member of The Temple of Fine Arts’ international orchestra she has co-composed and performed in Tryma, We Are Malaysia and Naad Brahma and along with Prakash Kandasamy and sitarist Kumar Karthigesu, is a multiple award winner of the 2005 BOH Cameronian Arts Awards receiving 8 awards for their production Inside Out and Swaradhara
Prakash Kandasamy – Tabla
Prakash Kandasamy started learning table at the age of 16 at The Temple of Fine Arts under Shir Suresh Ramachandran. He received further training under the guidance of the late tabla maestro, Ustad Allah Rakha in Pune and later under Ustad Hanif Mirajkar with whom he studied for six years. In 1999, Prakash recorded two CDs with world-renowned sitarist, Ustad Usman Khan with whom he went on a two month concert tour of France and Italy. Other performances include the Opening of The Esplanade (The National Performing Arts Centre), Singapore; and at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, New York in 2006. Prakash was conferred the title of Tokoh Seni Negeri by the state government of Penang in 2003 in recognition of his contribution to the arts in the state. He won four gold medals and the title of Champion of the World 2006 at the World Championship of Performing Arts in Hollywood; award for best solo instrumentalist at the BOH Camerionian Arts Awards2006; and the prestigious Anugerah Seni Negara (Bakat Muda/Young Talent) award presented by the Ministry of Culture Arts and Heritage, Malaysia 2006
Jazlan Norman – Bass
Bassist, songwriter and arranger who has accompanied leading Malaysian bands and ensembles including the Cameronian Award winning band, Inside Out Musician and Jumpstart; and has played with Samuel Dass, Nawaz Mirajkar and Prakash Kandasamy at the Xing Zhuang Drum Festival. He was the bassist, songwriter and arranger for the albums, Cinema – Sandiwara & Wayang Orang and Meor-Aku dan Bulan. Jazlan is also learning sitar at The Temple of Fine Arts and has had several solo performances.
Kalpana Paranjothy – Sitar
An accomplished sitarist who started learning the instrument at the age of 8 years under the tutelage of Dr. Subramony at The Temple of Fine Arts and later received further training in Pune under Ustad Usman Khan. With The Temple of Fine Arts, Kalpana has participated in orchestral ensembles such as Krishnaarpanam, Naad Brahma, Sivan Paamalai and Karnatic Beats. She has also performed with the National Symphony Orchestra of Malaysia, Malaysian Traditional Orchestra and Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. Kalpana presented her first solo performance in 2009 with Kalpana Dreams  and since then there has been no looking back
Pangasaasanii Gowrisan – Violin
Pangasaasanii was initiated into Carnatic music at The Temple of Fine Arts and two years later she received violin lessons under the tutelage of the late Sangeetha Booshanam Shrimathi Valambikai Rajagopalan and has never looked back since presenting her first solo performance in 2002. As a member of The Temple of Fine Arts’ International Orchestra, she has performed all over Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka. Apart from solo performances, Pangasaasanii has accompanied leading vocalists from Malaysia as well as those from Singapore and India, including the legendary vocalist, Dr. B. Rajam Iyer. In 2009, she trained under the guidance of violinist Dr. M. Narmadha to further hone her violin skills and today continues to pursue her never-ending musical journey, as a student, performer and teacher
Syahrizan Bin Sahamat – Percussion
Syahrizan’s musical journey began in 2001 at the National Arts Academy (ASWARA) where he graduated with an Honours Degree in Composition and where he is presently a lecturer. A versatile percussionist and he is much sought after in the local and international music scene. He has had the distinction of being a guest artiste for the local Nasyid group, Raihan and the National Symphony Orchestra and has travelled widely with them. Syahrizan is a recipient of the BOH Cameronian Arts Award 2007 for Best Composition for his music in ASWARA’s dance drama and has also composed music for Children’s Theatre and Gamelan. With The Temple of Fine Arts, Syahrizan has participated in orchestral ensemblies such as Inside Out, Jumpstart, Swaradhara, to name a few

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