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Food Festival

The IIC Experience: A Festival of the Arts

1st to 7th November 2012

Thursday 1st November at 8 pm: Gujarat-Farsan and the Sulaimani Bohra Table

With thanks to Dinesh Pandit for Farsan and Mrs Kulsum Saifullah (Bohra)


Safed Dhokla

Sabudana Vada

Dudhine Theple

Methi Gola Pakora


Soup (non-vegetarian)

Chicken Soup



Fried Fish with Bombay masala

Dabba Gosht

Green Chicken


Mulami Kadhi (kadhi with radish)

Khatthi Mitthi Dal

Mix Bharethu Sak (mixed vegetables)

Batata nu Sak (special Gujarati potatoes)

Kobichna Muthia (steamed dumplings with cabbage)

Bharvan Bhindi

Raivala Kakadi Raita

Masoor Pulao (Bohra)

Jeera Rice

Assortment of Rotis

Assortment of Papad


Kesar Shrikhand

Dudina Halwa

Meva Lapsi (dalia with nuts)   

China Grass Dessert with saffron and raisins                 

Rs. 650/- +SC 10%+VAT 12.5% +ST as applicable


Friday, 2nd November At 8 pm: The Cuisine of Egypt

With thanks to Mrs M. El Bakly and the Embassy of Egypt


Taamia (falefal)

Stuffed Vine Leaves

Potato Croquets




Baba Ghanoush

Fried Fattoush with Yoghurt


Non Vegetarian

Sayadeya (fried fillet of sole fish with bulghur and red sauce)

Macaroni with minced metand bechamel sauce

Meatballs in Red Sauce

Chicken Shewarma



Black Koshiari (rice mixed with black lentils and layered with fried onions, pasta, chikpeas and red sauce)

Yellow Koshiari ( with yellow lentils)

Browned Rice with nuts


Okra with tomatoes

Torly (mixed vegetables)

Cauliflower au gratin


Pita Bread



Basbousa (semolina dessert)

Om Ali (classic Egyptian dessert)

Kataif ( fried pancakes stuffed with nuts, raisins and coconut and dipped in syrup)

Fresh Fruits




Rs. 650/- +SC 10%+VAT 12.5% +ST as applicable



 Saturday, 3rd November at 8 pm: Flavours of the Bosphorous


Potato and Walnut Kibbeh

Izmir Meatballs

Skewered lamb with coriander


Turkish Salad

Tomato and Feta Cheese

Celery and Carrot with Yoghurt Sauce

Aubergine Puree with Olive Oil and Lemon

Bulghur and Tomato Salad with nut and pomegranate Paste

Beetroot Dip

Garlic and Cucumber Yoghurt

Potato Salad



Marinated Fish

Lamb Stew with Aubergine Cream Sauce

Circassian Chicken


Stuffed Vine leaves in Olive Oil

Cheese Cigars

Spinach Pie with raisins and pine-nuts

Capsicum Stuffed with Herbed rice

Mashed Potatoes with olive oil and parsley

Imam Bayildi

Spiced Turnips with Spinach and Tomato

Baked Courgettes

Feta Bread/ Courgette and Carrot Bread

Saffron Pilaff



Semolina and Nuts Halwa

Rose Scented Fruit Salad



Rs. 650/- +SC 10%+VAT 12.5% +ST as applicable




Sunday, 4th November At1:00 pm : Oriya Bhoji

With thanks to Subhash Chanda Sethi



Fish Besaria (Mustard Fish Curry)

Chicken Khosa (Dry Chicken)

Mutton Khosa (Bhuna Mutton)


Chenna Tarkari

Clora Chips (besan ki subji)

Shagoo Wari Nodiya

Parimal Aloo Khosa

Bhindi Masala

Bejbesuria (mixed vegetables)

Dahi Baigan

Yellow Dal

Oriya (Rice, Ginger, Lemon)

Plain Rice

Rice Kheer



Rs. 550/-+SC10%+VAT 12.5%+ST as applicable


 Sunday, 4th November At 8 pm: The Flavours of the Spice Lands- Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam



Stuffed Chicken Wings

Malaysian-style Vegetable Satay


Vegetarian Pho Noodle Soup


Green Bean and fresh Coconut Salad with crisp fried shallots, garlic and chilli

Crunchy Vegetables with Noodles

Pomelo and Grilled Shrimp Salad

Lotus Stem Salad


Crispy fried Sea Bass with tomato, chilli and kafir lime leaf sauce

Stir-fried Chicken with garlic, ginger, mushroom and five spice wrapped in lettuce

Malay Lamb Korma



Aubergine curry with tomato, chilli and kafir lime leaf sauce

Stir-fried Mixed Vegetables

Stir-fried Tofu on Crisp Noodles

Vegetable Spring Roll

Malaysian Okra with Tomato

Charcoal Vegetable skewers with cumin, coriander, lime juice and chilli

Nasi Goreng

Steamed Rice


Coconut Ice Cream

Sweet Dumplings in Ginger Broth


Rs.650/-+SC10%+VAT 12.5%+ST as applicable






Monday, 5th November at 8 pm: A Bangladeshi Wedding Feast

With thanks to Rahima Begum, Bangladesh High Commission

Borhani (traditional yoghurt drink)


Non Vegetarian

Mutton Kachhi Biryani

Mutton Shami Kabab

Roast Chicken

Rui Machh do Piaza

Prawn Malai Curry



Vegetable Curry with five spices

Parmal Dolma with cheese stuffing

Vegetable Dalna

Aloo Poshto

Variety of Bhartas

Fried Brinjal

Chana Dal with coconut

Steamed Rice




Raj Bhog

Rs. 750/-+ SC 10% + VAT 12.5% +ST as applicable





 Tuesday, 6th November at 8 pm: Chef Vijay’s Continental Cuisine

Assortment of Cold Cuts and Salads


Lettuce Soup


Stuffed Salmon with Mushrooms

Paprika Lamb

Chicken Laperouse with bacon


Asparagus with Orange and Cashew Cream Sauce

Mushroom a la Ritz

Brussels Sprouts in a celery Sauce

Confetti Corn

Baked Tomato Neptune

Onion Flan

Spaetzle in Cheese Sauce

Assorted Breads and Rolls

Spinach Roll


Fruit Savarin

Coconut Meringue Pie

Orange Ice Cream with Crepes Suzette and Lemon Sauce        


Rs. 650/- + SC 10% +VAT 12.5% + ST as applicable





 Wednesday, 7th November at 8 pm: Hariharan’s Kerala Repast





Served with sambhar and chutney


Meen Varathatu (fried fish)

Irachi Istoo (mutton stew)

Kozhi Peralen (spicy chicken curry)


Vazhuthananga Thoran ( stir-fried aubergine with coconut)

Pachkari Istoo ( mixed vegetable stew)

Erisseri ( yam and green banana curry with fried coconut)

Urulakizhangu Kari (spicy coconut curry)

Mathanga Olan ( pumpkin curry with coconut milk)

Kadala Kari (whole Bengal gram curry)


Puttu (steamed rice with coconut)


Naranga Kari (lime pickle)

Kadumanga Kari (mango pickle)



Kasuandiparippu Chertha Thenga Halva (cashewnut and coconut halwa)

Tharippola (semolina cake)

Ari Payassam (red rice pudding)                                                                        

Rs. 650/-+ SC 10%+ VAT 12.5% + ST as applicable





Members are requested to please make advance reservations for tables with the IIC Centralised Booking Office on 24609 377/378


Kindly please make a note, cancellation of bookings with less than 48 hours notice will not be entertained. A bill will be raised in advance for confirmed bookings and will be charged to the Member’s account

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