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Genesis (Creation of Earth)

The IIC Experience: A Festival of the Arts

1st to 7th November 2012

Thursday, 1st November 2012 at 6:30 pm

Genesis (Creation of Earth)

Legends of the indigenous people of India

Performed by The Ishara Puppet Theatre Trust

Directed and designed by Dadi Pudumjee

Puppeteers: Pawan Waghmare, Vivek Kumar, MD Shameem, Kumari Yadav

Music composed and performed by Harpreet Singh

Hindi script: Sohail Hashmi

Venue: Rose Garden

Genesis (Creation of Earth)

Legends Of The Indigenous People of India

At the foundation of every culture, there is no story more fascinating than how the creation of the Earth came to be. Adapted from various Gond, Santhal, Bilala & Adivasi tribal myths thousands of years old, these stories enlighten one on the origins of our planet, its life and natural wonders. In the beginning there was nothing but water, before the clay in the oceans is brought up to form land. Many creatures try to find earth, however it is the earth worm who eventually does this task, and places a lump of clay on the Turtle.We see many cycles in nature as slowly other creatures evolve; life takes glorious shape with humans, animals and birds sharing this space.

This fascinating & humorous performance adapts the indigenous art forms of these tribal people and is magically brought to life with shadow puppets and other shadow and projection techniques. Rediscover age old tales of Indian mythology, which have been forgotten in the 21st century.

Language Hindi and songs in Punjabi.

The performance is inspired by the paintings of Kaushal Prasad Tekam from Bhopal.

Puppeteers: Pawan Waghmare, Vivek Kumar, MD Shameem, Kumari Yadav

Music composed and performed by: Harpreet Singh

Lights: Milind Srivastava

Hindi Script: Sohail Hashmi

Directed by: Dadi D.Pudumjee

Special thanks to Prof Jyotindra & Jutta Jain; and Theodora Skipitares

For children and adults

Dadi D Pudumjee

Managing Trustee and artistic director The Ishara Puppet Theatre Trust

President UNIMA (world puppet organisation)

Started puppetry as a hobby in Pune and as a profession since 1976 and has trained under the late Meher R. Contractor; Michael Meschke; Gunter Wetzel; and under the guidance of Master puppeteer, Sennouske Yoshida while at Marionette Theatre Institute, Stockholm.

A recipient of the Padmashri Award in March 2011; the National Award for Work in Puppetry from Sangeet Natak Akademy; and the Sanskriti Pratisthan Award for Puppetry among others. Dadi Pudumjee’s recent productions include Genesis - creation of earth; Kalpataru; Simple Dreams; Transposition; Journeys; Images of Truth;  Allegory; and Anoke Vastra

Dadi Pudumjee and the Ishara puppet Theatre Trust have performed ,presented papers, conducted workshops in Japan, Australia, Indonesia, China, Sri Lank, Russia, Uzbekistan, Iran, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Germany, UK, Scotland, Canada, USA, Brazil and Mexico.          

The Ishara Puppet Theatre Trust

Is one of India’s major puppet theatre trusts, working with modern, traditional puppet companies and individuals. The aims of the trust are upgrading performance skills, creating opportunities of collaborations and putting puppet groups and puppeteers together both in India and abroad.

 The trust creates new performances with its own company, breaking ground in puppetry both for the Indian and International puppet theatre world.

One of the major events is the annual Puppet theater festival in January each year in Delhi, showcasing both Indian and foreign groups. Since 2002 Ishara has organized to date 6 International puppet festivals, with groups from India, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Iran, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and USA.

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