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The Tiger Who Crossed the Line
Programme : The Tiger Who Crossed the Line
Start Date:  03 Jul 2017  At:  18:30  .C.D. DESHMUKH AUDITORIUM 
Description :
(45 min; 2016; dvd; English & with subtitles)
Presented, Written, Edited & Directed by Krishnendu Bose who will introduce the film
Recipient of the National Award for Best Film on Environment, National Film Awards 2016
Screening will be followed by a discussion
As the world sleeps, in the dead of night, ghost like figures of big cats roam the fringes of the villages and the cities. They are the tigers who live outside the tiger reserves. And they are in trouble
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Topi ki Dastaan (100 min)
Programme : Topi ki Dastaan (100 min)
Start Date:  04 Jul 2017  At:  18:30  .C.D. DESHMUKH AUDITORIUM 
Description :
Topi ki Dastaan (100 min)
Presented by Wings Cultural Society
Based on a popular Hindi novel, Topi Shukla, written in the 1960s by Dr. Rahi Masoom Raza. It has been adapted by Wings Cultural Society in the ‘Dastaan Narration Form’. Through storytelling Wings has recreated the turbulence between ‘Topi’ and ‘Iffan’, childhood friends, who have grown up in an independent cultural environment before the great divide that was the result of the creation of the two nations. 
Through dialogue, the scenario of fear and horror between the two communities is recreated 
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After The Elusive Light: Photographing Ladakh
Programme : After The Elusive Light: Photographing Ladakh
Start Date:  05 Jul 2017  At:  11:00  .ART GALLERY (IIC Annexe) 
Description :
After The Elusive Light: Photographing Ladakh
Portraits and landscapes by Isaac Tsetan Gergan from Ladakh
Preview on Tuesday, 4 July 2017 at 18:30
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The Prambanam Temple and Javanese Hinduism
Programme : The Prambanam Temple and Javanese Hinduism
Start Date:  05 Jul 2017  At:  18:30  .C.D. DESHMUKH AUDITORIUM 
Description :
The Prambanam Temple and Javanese Hinduism
Cosmic Harmony (26 minutes; dvd; English)
Director: Fred Wibowo
This documentary is representation of our modern world where technologies and industries create greatness and arrogant monuments which at the same time also bring distances with our daily lives. Technologies and industries tend to endanger harmony and make our lives unpleasant because of the waste pollution from industries and technologies.
Our ancestors in the past have actually created greatness through Prambanan Temple in harmony with nature, cosmic harmony- a harmony between the creator and creatures. The description of living harmony can be learned through the 135 reliefs of Kalpataru trees at the Prambanan Temple area.
This documentary has been created to understand and explore the role of spirituality of religion in this modern world
Followed by a talk: 
Speaker:  Dr. Himanshu Prabha Ray, historian and former Chairperson of National Monuments Authority, Professor, Centre for Historical Studies (CHS), Jawaharlal Nehru University
(Collaboration: Embassy of Indonesia)
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Start Date:  06 Jul 2017  At:  18:30  .C.D. DESHMUKH AUDITORIUM 
Description :
Curated by Rajiv Mehrotra
Earth Sutra (84 mins; 2016; dvd; English)
A film by Jordi Carot & Jose Sáenz de Heredia
Earth Sutra is an 8-year film project that portrays the survival of Tibet and it's culture in exile. A reflection about how Tibetan culture and values can help the world to face the global crisis in the 21st century.
Throughout history, Tibet, as a people and a culture, has focused much of its efforts on the search for individuals who can develop themselves as Bodhisattvas, beings engaged in the pursuit of supreme enlightenment. An ideal of life whose main objective is to reduce suffering, both from themselves and from the others, aspiring to a universal liberation. Thich Nhat Hanh, Vietnamese Buddhist monk, says that “Mother Earth is the most beautiful Bodhisattva”. As inhabitants of our planet we must find ways to preserve and ensure its future and thus develop ourselves as conscious and interrelated beings with their environment
(Collaboration: The Foundation for Universal Responsibility of His Holiness The Dalai Lama)
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