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Children’s Film Festival
Programme : Children’s Film Festival
Start Date:  14 Nov 2018  At:  09:00  .MULTIPURPOSE HALL 
Description :
Children’s Film Festival
Presenting films from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Norway
Screenings on 15, 16 and 17 November 2018 at C.D. Deshmukh Auditorium and on 14 November in the Multipurpose Hall from 09:00 to 13:00 
14 November (in Multipurpose Hall, Kamaladevi Complex)
At 09:00
The Falcons  (Iceland; 110 min)
Director: Bragi Þór Hinriksson
Ten-year old Jon travels to participate in a week-long football tournament along with his team and realises he’ll have to grow up faster than expected, both on and off the pitch
At 11:30
Secret Society of Souptown (Estonia; 105 min)
Director: Margus Paju
The Secret Society of Souptown is a story of Mari, a courageous and clever 10-year-old. Mari and her three best friends found a secret society, to solve the treasure hunt riddles invented by her grandfather
At 09:00
We are the Best (Sweden; 102 min)
Director: Lukas Moodysson
This is a story of three young misfit girls growing up in Stockholm. They all put their energy into forming an all-girl punk band 
At 11:30
Super Furball (Finland; 85 min)
Director: Joona Tena
Emilia, a suburban kid owner of a pet hamster, gets a secret superpower to transform into a Hyper Hamster, who can fly and solve problems with her super powers
At 09:00
The Adventures of Gustav (Lithuania; 97 min)
Director:  Kurejai  Pristato
When the insatiable discoverer Gustav catches the travel bug, he decides to set out on a trip around the world to search for his uncle who had disappeared while flying his plane
At 11:30
Operation Arctic (Norway; 89 min)
Director: Grethe Boe-Waal
Through a tragic misunderstanding 13-year-old Julia and her twin siblings Ida and Sindre are left on a deserted island. But they quickly learn how to accept challenges
At 09:00
Iqbal Farooq and the Secret Recipe (Denmark; 90 min)
Director: Tilde Harkamp
When Iqbal, a charming and imaginative boy, his friend, Sillie and his little brother, Tariq create a potent mixture that blows up the school building, two criminals are eager to get hold of this bomb recipe…
AT 11:30 
Paradise ’89  (Latvia; 90 min)
Director: Madara Dišlere
Based on true events, nine-year-old Paula’s story of growing up is set against the background of time when Latvia made her first steps towards independence
(Collaboration: Embassies of Denmark; Finland; Iceland; Sweden; and Norway)
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India in My Dreams
Programme : India in My Dreams
Start Date:  14 Nov 2018  At:  11:00  .LECTURE ROOM-II BASEMENT (ANNEXE) 
Description :
India in My Dreams
An exhibition of paintings in mixed media and oil on canvas
By Miguel Barros from Portugal
Preview on Tuesday, 13 November 2018 at 18:30
(Collaboration: Portuguese Embassy Cultural Centre)
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One Humanity (110 min; 2014; dvd; English)
Programme : One Humanity (110 min; 2014; dvd; English)
Start Date:  15 Nov 2018  At:  18:30  .C.D. DESHMUKH AUDITORIUM 
Description :
One Humanity (110 min; 2014; dvd; English)
Music, politics and the fight to end apartheid
Director: Mickey Madoda Dube
The film will be introduced by Tony Hollingsworth, producer of the film
Featuring Nelson Mandela, One Humanity tells the story of how the world came to focus on the ending of the Apartheid regime in South Africa through two star-studded concerts that were broadcast around the world. The film explores how they added to the pressure on South Africa already battered from uprising within the country and the erosion of the western support and the ending of the Cold War
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Start Date:  15 Nov 2018  At:  18:30  .CONFERENCE ROOM I 
Description :
The Cult of Devaraja in South India and Southeast Asia
Speaker : Dr. P. Venkatesan, Archaeolgocial Survey of India

Chair: Dr. R.C. Agrawal
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Why is our youth depressed and what can we do to help?
Programme : Why is our youth depressed and what can we do to help?
Start Date:  15 Nov 2018  At:  18:30  .LECTURE ROOM-II BASEMENT (ANNEXE) 
Description :
Why is our youth depressed and what can we do to help?
Panelists: Shabri Prasad Singh, Author; Zain Khan, creatively inclined bipolar seeker; Siya Jangir, Student Counselor, Bluebells School; and Syed Munawwar Azim Naqvi, Consultant/Trainer at Hindustan Zinc Ltd.
Moderator: Pattie Gonsalves, Project Director, It's OK To Talk, Sangath
(Collaboration: You, Me and Mental Health)
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