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Films on Wildlife and Environment Programme :    Films on Wildlife and Environment
Start Date: 09 Nov 2019
End Date: 09 Nov 2019
Start Time: 18:30
Category Name : FILM
Films on Wildlife and Environment
The Last Show on Earth (102 min; 1992;dvd; English)
A film by Philip Cayford
The story of extinction on a global scale, from the South Dakota plains with their protected buffalo herds to snake stalls in Taiwan. Philip Cayford interviews conservationists and observes illegal traffickers to bring out the root causes of extinction—loss of habitat, overpopulation and greed—even as the film celebrates individual efforts to save species. A visual and musical tour de force, it is narrated by Kenneth Branagh with music by Elton John and David Gilmour
(Collaboration: World Wide Fund for Nature-India)


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