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The Buddhist Legacy of Indonesia Programme :    The Buddhist Legacy of Indonesia
Start Date: 18 Jul 2017
End Date: 18 Jul 2017
Start Time: 18:30
Category Name : FILM
The Buddhist Legacy of Indonesia
Introduction: Lama Doboom Tulku, Founder and Managing Trustee, World Buddhist Culture Trust
Followed by screening of the film 
Learning from Borobudur (35 minutes; 1989; dvd; English)
Director: Fred Wibowo
Recipient of the First Prize Award, Feldafest 1990; and Golden Award, Transtel Prix Futura, Germany 1991
Famous as one of the seventh wonders of the world, Borobudur Temple is more than a historical remains, it is actually a monument for Cultural and Spiritual studies.
This documentary is about visiting Borobudur Temple in a “Correct Way”. Starting from Mendut and Pawon Temples, when we reach Borobudur Temple, we are guided to step the route to heaven. Pilgrims are invited to search for revelation inside the three temples. The revelations are disclosed from the stories on the relief and statue in the temples. At Borobudur Temple, we are faced by the biography of Buddha from his birth until his marriage, the time when Buddha left the palace and wandered to find the highest wisdom. The stories of a rabbit, a quail, a deer, a lion and a woodpecker invite the pilgrims to reflect their daily lives
(Collaboration: Embassy of Indonesia)
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