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Construction Waste Management – Policies and Challenges Programme :    Construction Waste Management – Policies and Challenges
Start Date: 11 Oct 2018
End Date: 11 Oct 2018
Start Time: 18:30
Category Name : DISCUSSIONS
Construction Waste Management – Policies and Challenges
With an unprecedented growth in urbanization, the quantum of construction and demolition waste is constantly increasing. While it is estimated that the construction industry in India generates about 10-12 million tons of Construction and Demolition (C & D) waste annually, efforts to manage and utilize this waste is very little. This has led to private contractors utilizing unscientific dumping methods thereby putting severe pressure on scarce urban land as well as reducing life spans of landfill and water bodies. There have been expressions from the public to regulate disposal of this waste that can damage the environment. There are great initiatives around the world for a Circular Economy and an economy that is regenerative by design. It refers to a global initiative in which the producer and consumer are equally responsible. This Dialogue would focus on the current status of policies and regulations and the challenges in implementing a sustainable building waste management policy.
The objective is to find future course of action through public debate and embedded professional involvements.
Is there any form of scientific attempt from the Government to encourage reuse and recirculation of these materials? How can professionals and civil society groups contribute to this effort?
Presentations will be made by four speakers
Chair: Prof. Joseph V. Thanikal, Associate Dean and Director, School of Construction
(Collaboration: RICS School of Built Environment


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