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Start Date: 06 May 2019
End Date: 16 May 2019
Start Time: 18:30
Category Name : FESTIVALS
A special screening of documentaries and feature films from Ecuador organized in collaboration with Embassy of Ecuador
Screenings will be held on 6, 8, 13 and 16 May 2019 at C.D. Deshmukh Auditorium
ON 6 MAY 2019 AT 18:30
Killa (Before the Moon Rises)
(60 min; 2015; dvd; English subtitles)
Director: Alberto Muenala
Ecuador’s first feature film in the Kichwa language, the indigenous language spoken in the Amazon of Ecuador. Killa tells the story of a Kichwa photo-journalist who becomes the target of corrupt government officials when they find him snapping photographs of a shady mining operation. Adding intrigue to the narrative, is a love story subplot and the community’s increasingly tense resistance to the mine
ON 8 MAY 2019 AT 18:30
Llanganti (58 min; dvd; English)
The story of the search for the enormous Inca treasure hidden in the Ecuadorian mountains. A film on the expedition led by the adventurer and photographer, Jorge Juan Anhalzer, who went in search of an ancient Inca road that would take them to the tunnel, where the treasure has been hidden for five hundred years
ON 13 MAY 2019 AT 18:30
Open Wound (Mono con Gallina)
(85 min; 2013; dvd; English subtitles)
Director: Alfredo Leon
Recipient of the awards for Best Performance by an Actor, Grand Jury Prize and Technical Grand Prize, World Premieres Film Festival 2014
Believing that military experience will make him stronger and respectable, Jorge, a young Ecuadorian, joins the armed forces in the midst of his country’s 1941 border war with Peru. Captured and imprisoned by enemy forces and given up for dead, Jorge faces neglect, hunger, and, possibly, even death as he recovers from his injuries. He will soon have to choose between escaping with fellow prisoner Hugo or staying at the camp under the care of the Peruvian nurse Dolores, with whom he has fallen in love
ON 16 MAY 2019 AT 18:30
La Tola Box
(85 min; 2014; dvd; English subtitles)
Director: Pável Quevedo
Beyond the punches, boxing paints a complex portrait of life itself – its obstacles, the fight, the discipline, the commitment. La Tola Box is a film that examines the more humane aspects of boxing. It explores the life of four distinct characters – one for each corner of the boxing ring: Ecuadorian boxing veterans Eugenio Espinoza and Ramiro ‘Clay’ Bolaños, the young aspiring boxer César, and the young amateur boxer Carlos


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