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Sadabahar Aravalli Programme :    Sadabahar Aravalli
Venue Name: Gandhi-King Memorial Plaza
Start Date: 15 Feb 2020
End Date: 15 Feb 2020
Start Time: 17:00
Category Name : PERFORMANCE
Sadabahar Aravalli
A concert by Saperas or former Snake Charmers – Shisha Nath; Jagdish Nath; Narain Nath; and Sheru Nath (been players); Mahipal Nath; Rajesh Nath; and Naveen (tumba players); and Rajiv (dholak)
Music composers: Rajat Prasanna (flautist) and Makarand Sanon (percussionist)
Sutradhar (narrator): Shamshad Khan Bahurupiya (traditional impersonator)
Snake charming was banned by the government of India in the 1990s and though this spelt disaster for many, it led to a re-thinking about the importance of what were considered ancillary skills of the saperas. These skills included a knowledge of medicinal herbs, particularly those used for the treatment and cure of snake bite, abilities to identify and classify snakes and above all, their superlative musical skills using the been, a wind instrument made from bottle gourd with bamboo pipes and the tumba, a percussion accompaniment
(Collaboration: Centre for New Perspectives; with the support of Min of Culture , Govt of India)
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