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The US-Iran Crisis Programme :    The US-Iran Crisis
Start Date: 20 Jan 2020
End Date: 20 Jan 2020
Start Time: 18:30
Category Name : DISCUSSIONS
The US-Iran Crisis
Panelists: Prof. Gulshan Dietl, former Professor, Centre for West Asian Studies, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University; and Maj. Gen. B.K. Sharma, Director, United Services Institute of India
Chair: Ambassador K.P. Fabian
The ongoing crisis between the US and Iran did bring the world to the brink of a disastrous war in early January 2020. The crisis is not showing any sign of resolution. We shall look into the genesis of the crisis, the dangers it poses to the two countries, the region, the rest of the world, and in particular to India; the role of the external actors and their goals; and how rational diplomacy can help untie this Gordian knot


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