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Threads (USA/Canada/Bangladesh) Programme :    Threads (USA/Canada/Bangladesh)
Start Date: 18 Feb 2017
End Date: 18 Feb 2017
Start Time: 18:00
Category Name : FILM
(30 mins; 2014; BluRay; English & with subtitles)
Directed & produced by Cathy Stevulak who will introduce the film with Leonard Hill, producer
Co- producer: Catherine Masud
Recipient of the Audience Choice Best Short Documentary Award, Gig Harbour Film Festival 2014; the Audience Choice Best Short Film Award, Friday Harbor Film Festival 2015; and Best Short Documentary Award, Female Eye Film Festival 2016
Followed by a discussion with
Speakers: Smt Gulshan Nanda, Ms Laila Tyabji and Ms Cathy Stevulak
Chair: Smt Ritu Sethi, Director, Craft Revival Trust
An intimate portrait of 85-year old Bengali artist, Surayia Rahman, who transforms the quilt-work tradition of kantha to create possibilities for a better life for her family and hundreds of destitute mothers in Bangladesh. Over three decades, as their art becomes prized possessions of connoisseurs around the world, Surayia Rahman and the artisans overcome their hardships with needle and thread, stitch by stitch. Threads takes us on a journey into the heart of an artist and illuminates an unconventional path to dignity and independence
(Collaboration: Delhi Crafts Council)
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