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Evolution The Most Important Theory in Biology (99 min) Programme :    Evolution The Most Important Theory in Biology (99 min)
Venue Name: ONLINE
Start Date: 03 Aug 2020
End Date: 09 Aug 2020
Start Time: 00:00
Category Name : TALKS
Evolution The Most Important Theory in Biology (99 min)
Speaker: Prof. D.J. Futuyma, Distinguished Professor of Ecology and Environment, State University of New York and Member of the National Academy of Sciences of USA who has written a number of scholarly books 
Chair: Prof. R. Geeta, Botany Department, University of Delhi
Despite the simplicity of its central concepts, evolution has a long history of misunderstandings and despite its lack of moral or prescriptive content, evolution has been used to justify social policies that range from the admirable to the appalling. Of all the biological disciplines, evolutionary biology has the most far-reaching philosophical implications and the most diverse applications to society. Prof. Futuyma will outline some of the major principles.
Webcast recording of the programme held on 15th April 2013
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