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IIC has started a new Delhi Matters Series which brings key people directly at the helm of affairs and those conversant with major concerns confronting the city to discuss the “ Here and the Now” of what’s happening. Included are discussions on pollution and its solutions, being prepared for medical emergencies, traffic and congestion, crime and women’s safety and related subjects.

Delhi and the NCR are representative of massive urban growth but the city and the region has witnessed countless changes in the last few years. Even as the city has become more vibrant with multiple cultural activities and a fast expanding economy, it is struggling to cope up with a host of pressures that affect well- being. Despite visible improvements in the landscape, buildings, monuments and connectivity just confronting the pressures of day to day life are becoming a challenge – at times even a struggle. In fact some people have considered leaving the city even as it become more polluted, congested and difficult to negotiate.

Social cohesion too which once characterised most living spaces in the organised parts of the city seems to be disappearing as lives become more impersonal – largely the outcome of a fast- changing demographic profile. The growing gaps in the city’s carrying capacity coupled with environmental and social changes have left people wondering,” what next?”

Members of the IIC as well as the general public are keen to understand developments and to explore ideas that have worked elsewhere. These become the starting point for discussion on whether Delhi can reinvent itself and also restore its past reputation as a hospitable, safe and welcoming city. Thinking citizens will welcome an opportunity not just to listen but to ask questions from people in the direct know of current developments and responsible for administering public services.

Presented in an informed and conversational format each monthly event promises to be an engaging evening full of information and takeaways on living within and around the Capital city.

The next event in “Delhi Matters” series will be announced later.

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6). 10 August 2018: Sixth in the Series: Higher Education in the Delhi Region – Are Things getting Better?

Next Event in “Delhi Matters” Series will be Announced Later.