The Centre has more than 6,000 members including Institutional Members drawn from all over India and abroad. Membership is given to individuals of all nationalities interested in various fields like education, health, science, art, culture, governance and others. It is also given to institutions such as universities, national laboratories, national academies, as well as institutions in harmony with the aims and objectives of the Centre. Foreigners and Indian nationals abroad are considered for admission as Overseas Associate Members. Membership is also available to select overseas institutions.

Currently the Membership is not open. One has to apply on the prescribed form as and when membership is announced open. No person shall be eligible for admission unless he/she has completed 25 years of age. An applicant for membership should be duly proposed and seconded by two Individual Members of the Centre (Life Member or Member or Associate Member. The Proposer and Seconder should not be a relative of the applicant). All members sponsoring applicants are requested to endorse only those candidates whom they know personally and consider eminently eligible for induction. The decision of the Centre regarding grant of membership shall be final.

The admission fees and subscriptions payable by members are decided by the Board of Trustees of the IIC from time to time. The admission fee and annual subscription for membership is as follows:

  Adm. Fee   Ann. Subn.
Individual Members       
a.  Honorary Member    --    --   
b.  Foundation Member    Adm closed   Adm closed  
c.  Life Member      Adm closed       --   
d.  Member   30,000   4,500
e.  Member (age 70 plus-outside NCR)     30,000  2,700
f.   Associate Member   25,000 3,600
g   Associate Member (age 70 plus-outside NCR) 25,000 2,250
h.  Overseas Associate Member  US$1750 US$675
i.   Short Term Associate Member   10,000  4,500
Corporate Foundation Members    
(i)  Statutory Bodies     Adm closed  45,000
(ii) Non-Statutory Bodies  Adm closed  45,000
Corporate Members    
(i)  Universities, including Deemed Universities 1,00,000 45,000
(ii) Educational/Research/Cultural Institutions other than Universities 1,50,000  75,000
(iii) Institutions other than Educational,
Research & Cultural  
6,00,000 165,000
vi) Foreign Institutions    Adm Closed 240,000
Corporate Associate Members    
(i)  Universities, including Deemed Universities   60,000  27,000
(ii) Educational/Research/Cultural Institutions
other than Universities       
90,000  45,000
(iii) Institutions other than Educational,
Research & Cultural  
3,60,000 99,000
ii)  Foreign Institutions US$22,500 US$4,500

Plus applicable taxes